Studio-approved paperless payment solution
InfoSec approved by Fox, Warner Brothers, and other major studios.

By working with an Agent or Agency powered by POP you can give your accounts teams free access to production technology from the only provider with a world-leading in-house product development team.

Save money on overtime- digitise and secure your accounts process and focus on the job at hand instead of the paperwork

  • REAL-TIME HOTCOSTS: Immediate access to crowd hot costs and cost report breakdown by the end of play each shoot day-all downloadable on CSV.
  • COMPLIANCE: Upon request, POP can provide passport copies,NI numbers and DOBs of all SAs to accompany invoices. Payslips provided to all SAs to satisfy new HMRC requirements.
  • CLIENT REVIEWS: Production accounts can check all figures submitted by the ADs against crowd reports before point of invoice.
  • AUTO ENROLMENT: Auto-enrolment calculations, payment transfers and communication with SAs and your pension provider are covered, insuring you are compliant with new legislation eliminating the risk of notices and finds from the pensions regulator.
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