Rates Of Pay

Rates of Pay 

The Standard for most TV and Film productions based in and around London is PACT/FAA. Below you can see a breakdown of these rates and the various supplements applicable for specific work. Including meal penalties and travel allowances.

Alternatively, if you’d like a quote for your project, or have specific rates you would like to use on your production. Please reach out to the team at office@sabellcasting.co.uk.

FAA/PACT Standard day & continuous working day rates

(Rates updated 1 January 2024)

Based upon a 9 hour stipulated period inc meal break, between 7am and 10pm or seven continuous hours (without a meal break).

Night time overtime rate to be paid for each half-hour worked if called prior to 7am until 7am when Basic Daily rate begins.

After 10pm nighttime overtime is applicable. Unless called as a continuous working night.