A new extra’s agency based in the south east of England with over eight years of film & TV experience. Sourcing background artists for TV, film & commercial’s. We have access to over fifty thousand artist across the UK. Whatever your requirements we can provide you with who you are looking for, down to the smallest specifics. Any questions or to book us for your production please use our contact page.

 Kiera Bell is a director at Sabell casting, she is a working professional with over 8 years of experience within the TV and film industry dating back to 2013. Since graduating at the University of Essex in 2016, She has worked as an actor, casting assistant, stand In, assistant Director and even as a background supporting artist herself.

Samuel Robinson is a director at Sabell Casting. He has been working in the film & TV industry for the last four years as an double, stand in and as a extra. Since graduating from Essex university, he has been working both in the film & Tv industry as well as the musical theatre & music industry. Samuel has been working as vocal coach for some of the top drama schools & singers in the country.